Love Is The Energy

Love is the energy we exchange with one another.

Love generates positive vibes which help both the person who expresses it and the one who receives it amalgamting with one another.

With the help of love you will find the peace. With the help of peace you will progress and achieve the eternal bliss.

Not everyone gets the luxury of being truly and unconditionally loved by a soul who lives just to love you.

Love has a potential to transform your pain into fragrance of peace. Devote yourself to love and the person whom you love truly, as there could be nothing anything bigger than living in the love, by the love and for the love.

Love. Live. Progress.
– Govind Raval

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Possibility in a Calamity

Good morning! 

Yes,  what you read in the above quote is the reality of true facts of life and critical times that we experience and go through. 

Difficult times reveal true power that lies within each of us. In that difficult time one has to have the power of patience. With patience everything is possible that once seemed to be impossible. 

From my own experience I can say, with patience, impossible becomes possible. In the battle of life, with confidence and will power you become one man army. You get stronger in tough times only if you possess the patience in its true manner. 

Patience is great soul’s loyal friend.

So my dear friends wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, however much dark you see in your life, always remember that “A successful person is the one who has the ability to foresee the possibility in a calamity.”
Have a great day and fruitful times my dearest readers. Love and peace. 

– Govind Raval 

Oneness In Love

“I’m not far from you, 

I’m right there beside you. I’m near you,

In fact… 

I’m within you”.

– Govind 

Blessed are the ones who experience the true form of oneness in love. 

Love is a beautiful word which makes an individual’s world beautiful and joyful. 

What is oneness?

Answer lies in the question itself: Ask flower what sort of relationship it shares with its fragrance. Ask the sky what sort of relationship it has with the space. Ask the oceans what kind of relationship it shares with its waters. Ask the music 🎶  what kind of relationship it has with lyrics. Ask an artist what sort of relationship he has with art. Ask a sportsman what sort of relationship it shares with its games. The list is bigger still last but not the least… Ask your heart what kind of relationship it has with its heartbeat. This same relationship you will experience and share when you are deeply in love with someone who means the world to you. 

The way icecubes dissolve in the waters and become complete water same way a true lover gets dissolved into soul of someone whom he/she loves more than himself/herself. 

True love and oneness have no boundaries, no barriers,  no restrictions. They share complete freedom. Love is that open wide vast sky which lets all birds fly freely. 

In love oneness of consciousness is important than oneness of two bodies. When two souls become one, ultimately  two bodies celebrate the oneness at times. This is the celebration of love…. Love itself is the life for someone who understands the true meaning of love. No distance can destroy the feelings, joy,  excitement, ecstasy, bliss,  and peace that one realizes through the oneness of two souls, hearts, and minds in deep love. Ultimately above all becomes one. 

Oneness is the soul of love. Oneness is the beauty of love. Oneness is the essence of love. Oneness is the life of love. Oneness leads you to the world which is out of this world.  That world is well known as heaven and that heaven exists right within the beautiful smile of your loved one. It exists in the soulful and tender touch of your loved one. It exists in the eyes of your loved one. 

Love is what you live in, live for, and live by.  Love is not what you do. Love is what you feel, express and experience with each heartbeart.
– Govind Raval

Peace of mind

From my own experiences, today, I’d like to write down some salient points on ‘PEACE OF MIND’ in this blog. 

We all must have come across the various states of our mind. Before we know the peace of mind, we must know our mind.

Enquire from within. Try to know your mind. Just explore where your mind exists and what does it do.
In fact Mind exists nowhere. It doesn’t exist but it does make you feel its presence in your day to day life, and day to day activity. So this way we can say that mind is nothing but mere an illusion. It’s ultimately a reflection of our consciousness. The way any object reflects, manifests in the mirror, same way in the space within, the shadow or reflection of our consciousness reflects which is highly supported by our intellectual.

Now we have to see what does mind do. The Mind does no work but producing the thoughts. Thoughts could be positive, full of positive vibes and constructive or they could be negative full of negative energy and destructive. It’s said that there are both angel and demon reside within our mind. The angel will obviously follow the pursuit of positive energies and the demon will look after negative ones. Now the real battle begins from here. Inside the mind where we often get to face both angel and the demon. Real challenge isn’t facing the angel, real challenge is facing our demon. This demon will always take our mind to the extent that’s apprently not good for the health of our mind. For instance, negative thoughts or overthinking. Thoughts are the best weapons of both angel and demons. It’s up to us to handle the flow of our thoughts in the right manners. Demon is always ready to eradicate the good thoughts and as the same way angel dispices the bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are those disturb our mind and snatch away the peace of mind.

Be attentive, it’s not the eruption of our negative thoughts that disturbs our mind. It’s the importance and attention that we give to the negative or destructive thoughts/force, that is the cause of our disturbed and miserable mind. So now we have discovered about two different sides of our mind. Now we gotta go deeper and explore the reason for restlessnees of  mind. We gotta find out reason for the lack of peace of mind. We need to see what’s the thing that disturbs our peace. When a helpless, small child is hungry, and if it doesn’t get food on time it cries a lot because it cant speak. Same way when our mind expects something or tries to have the desires for some stuff and we fail to give it to the mind, it then agitates. It gets highly disturbed. It ruins the beauty of peace that we carry within. It plays a role of a rebel. This defiant state of mind spoils the peace of our mind and that leads to frustration, tension, anger, depression etc.

So what’s the right way to stop the demon of mind from destructing the peace? It’s simple. Just stop giving importance to anything that disturbs mind. Stop giving importance to thoughts that spoil the good energy of a peaceful mind.

Do what your inner voice tells you to do. Do not do out of desires or expectations. Desires are the roots of our all problems in life. But we will never understand this thing because we do not want to understand it. Because we have got used to pamer the demon of desires of our mind. Our desires are our real enemy. It exists right within our mind. Mind is the illusion so desires would become a part of that illusion the moment it comes in the contact with our mind. So this clarifies that an illusion could not be a reality, hence that which is not a reality, could not be a part of our inner peace. Illusion is temporary. Temporary substance cannot give you eternal bliss at any cost.

Most importantly, every thought that comes to our mind goes away. So don’t allow your mind to be kept chained up by the constant flow your thoughts. Just witness the flow of thoughts. I again and again say, if you wanna be at peace, just do not give any importance to thoughts. Thoughts flow like the wind flows. So they come near you, and go away. The wind comes near you, touches you and goes away. You don’t run after that flow of wind. Same way you don’t have to run after every flow of thoughts. Just let it go. You just decide to be at peace under any conditions. Nothing can make your miserable; from there and then…you atain the purest form of peace that will give you bliss.

So after reading above things you may say that to have no desires is the key to unlock the treasure of abundance of peace, love and bliss. 

So do not give importance to the thoughts that disturb your mind. Be happy. Keep your mind happy by practicing the peace of karma. What’s the PEACE OF KARMA? That we will see in my next blog. Till then take care and be blessed.

Dessert: “Wrong thinking is the cause of our misery. Wrong thinking can be corrected by right thinking, not by suspension of the thoughts.”

Thank you for taking out the important time of your life after reading my blog. Truly appreciated. Your comments, and suggestions are welcome. I’d love to get to hear from you. You can drop your valuable comments in the below comment box or you may discuss the topics of this and my other blogs with me on twitter @rockbluz

Be blessed. Peace and love.

  • Govind Raval



~ Contemplation ~

I contemplate..

sitting on a bench in the forest

at the riverside,

witnessing the influx

of thoughts that insists

me to infringe the rigid

laws of our iniquitous society….


I contemplate..

I could not figure out

the insanity of our society.

As I observe everywhere

there’s a trade between

give and take, live and love,

knowledge and ignorance,

lie and truth….


I contemplate..

and I then realise after all

this ‘Society’ is made of

inquisitive, insatiable

and insensitive bunch of people….


I contemplate..

and I try to cheer my incited mind up,

and keep it occupied with inconstant

thoughts and let it inculcate the stream of

knowledge and flaws, that flows on the inside

of each particle of my soul….


I contemplate..

I’m no more a part of this fake society;

I let myself be in my own world-the inner world

wherein I find inner peace,

infinite ecstasy, true bliss

and the moments of truth….


I contemplate..

sitting on a bench in the forest

at the riverside,

witnessing the influx

of thoughts that insists

me to infringe the rigid

laws of this iniquitous society….


Dessert: “Contemplation is an invaluable research of cultivation that’s done in the mind, with the mind, and by the mind.” – Govind Raval


Thank you for reading!

Stay blessed!

~ GR


Love and Soulmate

Love is the most fascinating, magnificent, fierce and delicate word in the world of words. Do not underestimate the vitality of Love.

Love could not be just the word, it is more than a word. It carries abundance of feelings, emotions, passion, dedication, and simplicity within. Love is the purest form of life energy. Everyone wants to love and to be loved. Love speaks the language of love. Love is expressed through the best aura of soul, body and mind. The language of love is spoken and understood only by the heart. Love is the universal piece of peace, that solely manifests into each particle of soul and the soulmate.

Do not insult the love by comparing it with attachment. The state of love is immensely higher than the attachment. Attachment is like bubbles on the waters; that exist for a certain span of time and then it disappears. That which comes/appears and goes/disappears could not be the love. Love is eternal, immortal as the widest sky, quieter as the deepest waters, sweeter as the waters of Ganges and lighter as the particles of the air.

Strong feelings, tenderness, trust and understanding between two hearts, are the true symbols of unconditional love that would be between two soulmates. The love between a mother and her children, the love between a brother and a sister, the love between a master and a disciple, the love between a teacher and a student, the love between the God and a devotee, the love between human beings and animals/creatures, the love between two friends, and last but not the least, the love between a man and a woman, are the significant feathers of unconditional love.

Once in a life time, you come across your soulmate. You apparently get connected to his/her soul, heart, and mind the moment you meet them. Remember, it is not always necessary to get connected to your soulmate physically. The sign of recognizing your true soulmate is, you both get the same feelings at the same time. You do not require any words to speak with one another. You both feel like knowing one another from long period of time. It makes you feel like you are meeting your soulmate, who had gotten lost in the previous birth, and now in this current birth, he/she has appeared just to get connected with you once again. You start speaking mute language with your soulmate. You begin to speak and understand the language that’s spoken by eyes.

Love is the window to divine garden of paradise. In love, two souls meet one another, see one another, and get melted in one another without any conditions. Unconditional love has no demands, desires, attachments, or any sort of expectations. Unconditional love between two souls is believed to be similar to that love and connection that which would be between the God— supreme energy and the holy spirit. In this kind of love, you focus entirely on giving, not receiving. Every act of yours becomes the devotion of surrendering and offering to your loved one. The way flowers spread the majestic fragrance into the air, same way LOVE sprinkles, sprays and spreads (in appropriate order) the perfume of deep feelings, and emotions into other soul, and it gets filled up with intrinsic joy.

Love is the flute with holes that requires the right amount of techniques of blowing and releasing the air in order to play sweet and soulful music. The sweet and soothing music that comes out of that flute would touch the heart of listeners. Your unconditional love should be like that flute, which is played by two souls, in order to mingle with the infinite stream of grace of almighty—the supreme energy. Stay tuned in love, by love.


“Love is a treasure, a precious treasure which is not used, is empty even when it is full; and what is used is full even when it is empty.” – Govind Raval

With love and peace…

God bless all!

Written by Govind Raval

Silence is found in the heart of words..

Silence is found in the heart of words.

Well, this is one of my most favourite and fascinating topic of writings — words and silence..

Words and silence have always been in the limelight of the heart of writers. Words are the real weapons of writers. Weapons of words have more power and energy that can destroy or create almost anything in this world. The words of ancient philosophers, saints, masters have always come to the rescue when this world finds itself at the worst state of chaos that obviously and unfortunately prefers to go beyond the peace.

Words that were spoken by one of the most dangerous men and agile orator the world had ever seen — one and only Adolf Hitler and many other dictators like him, have always created the atmosphere of war and hatred through the lethal weapon of words across the world, and that transformed the human beings into the demons. This shows that words have the power to transform a demon into the angel and angel into the demon.

Words have their own flaws. When the limits of words end, the regime of silence starts. Silence speaks what words resist to speak. Silence comes to the rescue, when words lack energy and confidence. Words are nothing but the loudest echo of the silence. Silence, on the other hand, nothing but the best discreet mode of the loudest words.

Words and silence go hand in hand. Silence is found between the words. Silence rests in the heart of words. Silence is the source of energy. Words obtain the quality of silence through the silence itself. Even the words speak silence — the silence of heart and mind.

Silence and words, share the same relationship that heart and mind share with one another. Care comes in the picture when the silence of heart speaks the words of mind, and love comes in the picture when the words of heart speak the silence of mind and mind supports it.

Sometimes, words don’t afford the luxury of silence. Especially when the mind, body, heart and soul are deeply in love with the words, the silence explores its entity in the holy place of shadow that exists or manifests significantly deep within the aura of wisdom.

Silence is an amateur master of words. Words are the best disciples of silence. Words have the power to transform world into the wonderland of love and peace that is as good as an unseen heaven could be!

Silence is the soul of words. Without the soul, the words cannot survive. Words are the mind to silence, the silence cannot work without its mind.


“Let the heart express through words. Silence is always present there to boost the positive energy of words. Silence can never take the place of words, because the silence resides within the words. You can’t separate that which is entirely one. Silence and words are the symbols of oneness.”

Love and peace. God bless world.

Let peace and love prevail..

Govind Raval

Human and Happiness

We are humans. We were made in a certain way that distinguishes us from the other living creatures. We humans are quite different and more blessed in comparison to other living creatures and animals. We have got mind. We have got power of thinking. We have got feelings. We have got emotions. We have got discretion for the betterment of ourselves and our lives. We can smile unlike animals/creatures.

We have been blessed with so many above mentioned qualities given by God. However, we have always been constantly suffering, struggling, weeping in terms of making our life safer, smoother and happier.

We are living only to lead a happy and prosperous life though we end up complaining about life or something and the other and ultimately forget to live with what we have in this very present moment. To achieve the highest level of happiness one has to be the happiness. It is in our hand. We have to decide and choose. No one will come to us and do some magic tricks with a magic wand and create the happiness for us. We have to attain the best level of happiness, joy, bliss by putting our own efforts and practices in day to day life.

We will have to change our own nature in order to achieve the bliss of life. The whole universe resides within us. It is no where on the outside but in our intuition. Our inner self is guiding us at every passing moment, but we have no time, patience, ears and perhaps no wisdom to hear that distinct voice. We have to go nowhere but to our own self in order to improve the quality of our aura, vibes, mind, and thoughts.

We have got the mind and the power of thinking. We must not waste that after complaining, arguing, demanding for impermanence. We just need to recognise what is eternal and use that vital energy in the correct direction and let ourselves lead us. We gotta be super positive and trust ourselves. We are human beings and we were born to live happily and peacefully. We have to tell this to ourselves that what may come in our way, we will never be distracted by tricks of mind in any circumstances.

Surrender completely. Once we decide and start walking on the right path, we will have the best companions called bliss and peace along our journey.


“ज़िन्दगी तुम्हारा साथ छोड़े उससे पहेले तुम उसका हाथ थामे चलते रहो अपनी मंजिल को पाने”…..

– Govind Raval